Guest interview on the High Performance Academy “Tuned In” Podcast

Andre Simon, co-founder of the leading high performance automotive education source High Performance Academy, had a chat with me about the pros and cons of standalone ECUs vs. custom reflashing of stock ECUs, CARB EOs, and more.

Caught Being Good: A thank you to SPL Parts, a comment on what makes a great aftermarket part, and the value of removing variables from a system.

I want to give a big shout out to SPL Parts for creating this spherical bushing replacement product for R35 GTR, as well as their rear spherical bushing replacements. I think it’s safe to say nobody at SPL sat down

Turbo R&D for Garret Advancing Motion

In this article which includes excerpts from an article I wrote for Speed Academy, Garrett, often referred to as Garrett Turbo, reveals test results from a deep dive I took in testing multiple sets of Garrett turbos on my project