Rallying from Mexico to Washington

The Black Rifle Coffee Company sponsored rally team of Travis Pastrana, Tom Williams, Texas Dave, Bucky Lasek, Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival and their trusty co-drivers had a big 2022. Innovative Tuning was along performing engine calibration for Texas Dave, Bucky and Fieldcraft Mike’s limited 4wd class Subaru rally cars built in the shop at Rally Ready Driving School.

As if the American Rally Association season isn’t packed enough, Dave and Mike took the incredible opportunity to shove the Rally of Nations in Mexico into the schedule between 100 Acre Wood and Olympus, Washington rallies.

Usually a round of the World Rally Championship, the event in Mexico attracted top talent and vehicles from all over the world.

The incredibly brutal roads caused massive carnage and as you’ll see in the video, tore a corner off Mike’s car. In addition to what the chassis and suspension were dealing with, the combination of heat, high altitude, and dust, was brutal for cooling systems. Safety measures incorporated in their engine calibrations were able to nurse the vehicles through, but Dave didn’t just finish the event.

Texas Dave and Co-driver Nick Dobbs, along with the entire team, put in an incredible performance in front of a massive crowd, placing their American limited class spec Subaru not only first in class, but in a top 10 shared only with full WRC spec 1 and 2 cars, and BRCC teammate Tom Williams in his Rally3 car.

Following Mexico, it was back to the ARA series and the cars had to be re-prepped in Texas, then make the journey all the way to Washington state for the next event. Innovative Tuning worked with Rally Ready shop staff on cooling system improvements vital to allow Dave to keep pushing for class wins.

With bruises from Mexico mended, Mike Glover scored his second podium in two events. Dave dominated limited class and was in 3rd place overall the afternoon of day 2, until a small error put the car off course. Unfortunately it was just stuck enough that he couldn’t recover it in time to finish the rally, but clearly had pace to not only win the class, but put pressure on higher spec cars.

To finish off a mostly great weekend, long time Innovative Tuning customer Sam Albert won the regional portion of Olympus rally with co-driver Krista Skucas.

While Mike Glover shifted focus back to his business after Olympus, and the Flatout show didn’t finish the season, the rest of the BRCC rally team pressed on and Dave and the Rally Ready crew achieved class wins at multiple events in 2022.