Subaru 6 Piston Big Brake Kit

Innovative 6 piston championship winning brake kits starting at 1499!!!

After back to back season championships and setting multiple track records as well as extensive testing on other R&D Vehicles, in 2014 we were ready to share our secret weapon with the world!

We build every package to order after obtaining information from each customer, but we’ve listed core packages here. Due to caliper shortages, we are also offering build kits without calipers at a reduced cost. Please email us for details.

The standard packages offer reduced price for those who aren’t running their car on a road course or other situation involving repeated heavy braking. Packages noted “lapping” have upgraded components. This is an engineered solution rather than a way to slap a PBR caliper on a Subaru. Initial results showed promise, but were mediocre compared to the final setups we arrived at after years of extensive testing. What we sell now performs on par with kits costing about twice as much and our customers are ecstatic with the performance.

13″ and 14″ rotor packages can bolt onto 1993-2018 Subaru Impreza, Forester, Legacy, BRZ, but we’ll review fitment (especially wheel fitment) with each purchaser. 13″ packages are available in 5×100 and 5×114.3. 14″ packages are 5×114.3 only. We suggest hub swapping any 5×100 car that’s hardcore enough to use our 14″ brake package.

13″ standard package with high performance street pads $1499 (without rotors)
13″ lapping package with upgraded pad pin screws, 1mm titanium pad shims, race pads $1799 (without rotors)

If you don’t already have STI fitment rotors, we offer Centric Blanks, DBA (1 or 2 piece) and Girodisc (2 piece) rotor options based on customer needs.

14″ standard package with high performance street pads and Centric blank rotors $1699
14″ lapping package with upgraded pad pin screws, 1mm titanium pad shims, race pads and Centric blank rotors $1999

We also offer 14″ DBA and Girodisc rotor options.

Contact to order.

We need some information from each customer to make the right choices. We listed the common price points above, but each setup is built to order using components appropriate for each user. This also helps us review fitment. Please email us the following along with your inquiry:
1) Year/make/model vehicle
2) List any front suspension or front & rear brake parts that have been swapped or altered
3) What wheels will be used on car?
4) Do you use wheel spacers? (If yes, do you have extended wheel studs)
5) How is the car used i.e. street only, street/autoX, street/drag strip, street/show, street/lapping, time attack only, endurance road racing, tarmac rally etc.? The more info the better.
6) Will the car EVER be used on a road course or in another situation involving repeated hard braking for more than 1 minute.
7) List any other information you feel is pertinent or any concerns you have.