Founded in 2004, Innovative Tuning draws on owner and founder Mike McGinnis’ 20+ years of experience in engine calibration, product development, sales, marketing, and management.

While operating as a full-service automotive performance facility in New York until 2016, Mike led a team of talented individuals which achieved success in multiple racing series and set track and world records in multiple disciplines including road racing, rally, and drag racing. As the team grew, new products were brought to market, Six Sigma analysis was employed to optimize an engine building program, and Mike continued to seek out opportunities to explore and learn new technologies. You can find examples of these projects in articles published by Garrett Turbo, MotoIQ, Speed Academy, and more.

From 2016-2022, Mike worked full time as COBB Tuning’s Lead Calibration Engineer. During those years, Mike was involved in securing over 40 CARB EOs via emissions lab successes and sound engineering documentation. His efforts also included aiding in development of hard parts, packages, and creating hundreds of engine calibrations for various vehicle platforms.

Alongside those efforts for COBB Tuning, Mike continued to serve Innovative Tuning customers and further expand his experience and skills as automotive electronics have blossomed into a golden age of cross platform integration, capability, and data gathering. Analysis of data from modules and sensors responsible for engine, drivetrain, brakes, suspension, driver and more, provide insights valuable not only for racers, but for R&D purposes, furthering product development cycles.

In 2022, Mike transitioned back to Innovative Tuning full time, while continuing to support COBB Tuning with the same services, now as a contractor. With wide ranging experience and skills in engineering, sales, marketing, and integration with personnel in those fields, Innovative Tuning is ready and excited to help take your vehicle, product, project, or team to the next level.