Quickest/Fastest Stock Shortblock Subaru In The World, First In The 9s

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mike McGinnis
Leicester, NY, USA April 21, 2013

Innovative Tuning’s time attack car was built for handling performance more than straight line speed. Nevertheless, we took it to Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY for opening day (April 21, 2013) with the wing and front splitter off, drag tires on, to prove a point. Built and tuned properly, on decent fuel, with the proper supporting modifications, stock Subaru STI shortblocks are stronger than many people think. It’s not power that’s killing most of them, but poor or aggressive tuning, poor build quality, lack of/poor maintenance, and a slew of other issues. After multiple lapping days last fall and a race weekend with NARRA at Watkins Glen, this shortblock was far from new, but it got the job done.

The previous Subaru stock shortblock 1/4 mile world record was 10.49 at 129 miles per hour. We achieved a 9.9 second 1/4 mile pass at 139 miles per hour, shattering the previous record. With more time or a willingness to risk blowing the stock shortblock, we know we can do even better. We’ve since tested the engine and it’s in good shape so this stock shortblock is being kept as a backup for time attack season. We will be running a built shortblock for time attack because the stock shortblock does of course have its limits and we’ll be running upwards of 600 wheel HP sustained on road courses.

The 08+ spec STI OEM shortblock used for this world record pass was purchased from Subaru via our local dealer and comes pre-assembled. It wasn’t measured/inspected or modified in any way. We used a stock engine gasket set including head gaskets with aftermarket head studs, head work/cams, and this car (1996 Subaru Impreza) has a stock 2006 spec STI stock transmission/transfer case.

Check out the in car video of this world record pass:

You’ll notice the delayed reaction at the light. This was on purpose as the drag truck in the left lane was so loud that I couldn’t hear my engine and would have missed my shift points if I didn’t let him take off first.

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