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Tuning DSPORT Magazine’s 2019 WRX – Part 3

In this iteration of my work on the DSPORT Subaru WRX, the performance benefit of ethanol based fuel is shown, with a 100 horsepower gain on a basic bolt on setup after custom tuning. Key benefits of ethanol fuel are

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Tuning the Speed Academy “Abandoned STI”

The awesome duo at Speed Academy had me along for the ride on their “Abandoned STI” project build which spanned 20 videos with about 200k views, detailing the work involved in building the car and the multiple tuning sessions I

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Tuning DSPORT Magazine’s 2019 WRX – Part 1

“Sucks” is a pretty strong word and not one I would use to describe the factory tune, but I think it shows how car owners respond to inconsistent power delivery. When you hit the go pedal, you want a smile

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