Innovative Tuning controls championship season with a pair of Subarus

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mike McGinnis
Buffalo, NY, September 18th 2013

Innovative Tuning announced today that their season’s success came from developing a pair of Subaru based race cars. Innovative Tuning took the championship win in the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) in two separate disciplines for the 2013 season. By dominating the championship with cars in both the Drag Racing and Time Attack categories, they possess one of the most successful combination teams in the history of the CSCS.

The proof is in the results. The Drag Subaru tied for first place in 2011, it’s inaugural run in the CSCS. Now considered the quickest and fastest Subaru in Canada, the Drag Subaru captured the championship in both 2012 and 2013, making it the reigning champion. The Time Attack Subaru is a showcase of sound engineering and design work. What started as a $1000 base model Subaru is now making the field of exotic race-prepped cars look slow. Even though it was built for the road course, the Time Attack Subaru holds the world record at the drag strip for a Subaru stock short block, earning bragging rights as the only stock short block to run a 9 second quarter mile pass.

In their quest for the lead on the Time Attack course, Innovative captured overall lap records at all of the tracks in this year’s series. No team has ever held all of the lap records at the same time, let alone in a rookie year. The Time Attack Subaru is not only the fastest car to ever be in the series for the Unlimited AWD class, it is the fastest car overall. No car has won two rounds in the Unlimited AWD Time Attack class in a row, let alone four. The fact that Innovative captured all of the lap records on DOT legal tires is a testament to how quick the car really is. The team’s success intensified this year as their cars won every event they were entered in, securing two championship positions in only 4 rounds. Considering this was the first year for the Time Attack Subaru, the team’s record holding streak is just getting started. Innovative Tuning will be returning with both cars to the final round of CSCS on September 22nd at Toronto Motorsport’s Park. With the championship secured for the season, Mike McGinnis will drive the Time Attack car with the goal of breaking the track lap record.

About the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS)
The CSCS is the largest sport compact series throughout Canada. With events attracting over 5000 spectators per race, and extensive media coverage at the events, it is an attractive venue for those able to compete. Combining Time Attack, Drag Racing, Drifting and Car Show competitions in one place, the series has attracted extensive vendor participation and continues to grow.

About Innovative Tuning
Located in Buffalo, NY, Innovative Tuning is the premier import tuning facility in the Western NY region, spanning into southern Ontario. Founded in 2004, they specialize in all aspects of automotive performance; from project planning to parts selection, fabrication, welding, installation, service, repair, and Dyno and track tuning.